Telegram Onlyfans Drop Info


Hiya, im Cassidy Elaine, The Big Booty Kinky Cutie! Just a Chubby Aussie girl doing what she loves! I make a variety of content from Vanilla to Fetish. Femdom, BDSM, Kink, Role Play, A touch of Taboo, Masturbation, SPH, Body Worship, Outdoors, High Heel and so much more! I do Customs, Dick Rates and Sexting! Plus I have both a Lush 2 you can control and a Fuck Machine! DMs are always open and I love to chat so hit me up!


Terms and Acronyms

HYO = Host your own

Cap = caption (i.e. πŸ’‹Your favorite MilfπŸ’‹ πŸ†Enter into the πŸ’¦squirtingπŸ’¦β„οΈWonderland❄️ of slut curvesπŸ† πŸŽ₯FREEπŸ’¦ VIDEOπŸŽ₯ πŸ’„πŸ‘…@platinumpuzzy1πŸ‘…πŸ’„βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸŒŸβœ¨)

Drop = Drop your Link/Flyer/Cap ect

Cu = Caught Up

DWA = Done With Action 

L4L or l4l = Like for Like 

Sfs or s4s = share for share or shout for shout

A = Active 

V = voted 

SS = Screen Shot 

SR = Screen Recording 

Dr = Dropping

Bottoms up = post from the bottom on the chat to the top so the Host will be first on your page. 


The basics 

Free on free= free page link + cap posted on your free page. No paid links.

Paid on paid = paid page link + small cap posted to your paid account. 

Both on Free = Both links, paid and free, posted on your Free page with Cap in a single post.

Flyer Drop = paid flyer + your paid link and/or a short cap

Paid Video Drop = a short 8 – 15 second video with your link or @ and your price if you like then your link and/or a short cap. To be posted on paid.

Collage drop = post one vertical solo watermarked pic of yourself. The host will edit these pics into a collage. Link and/or Cap

Mass DM drop = Mass DM drop is a link+ small cap drop where all the links and caps get complied into one long message by the host which will then be sent via mass DM

Scheduled Mass DM drop = same thing as above but scheduled for a certain time. Some hosts may chose to do 2Γ— or 3Γ— scheduled meaning the message will be scheduled at set hours apart on order to reach potential new subs 


What is a drop?

⁃ An Admin will ask if people are A or Active for a drop. 

⁃ DROP an A (for Active) if you want to join. 

⁃ PREP YOUR LINKS- Once enough people are A- the admin will tell you to get your links prepared. (Check with them for format! Free and/or paid links, etc)

 βƒ The drop is OPEN after the admin sends their link. Then, everyone can drop their own.

⁃ The admin will CLOSE when there are enough participants, and then no one else can join for that drop. 

 βƒ Then, POST each link to your page with a 24 hr timer on, starting from the bottom up to the top. 

 βƒ Next, SEND screenshots or a screen recording of all the posts for the drop. 

 βƒ Stay A (active) until the admin has counted all the correct screenshots and opens up the group for networking. 

 βƒ 9. If someone fails to send the screenshots, and does not post everyone else- that person is then removed from the drop and everyone will be asked to delete their post. (So stay A!!) 

⁃ Free on free and both on free are some of the easiest and most frequent drop types. 

⁃ Hosts like drops to go by quickly and smoothly, so if you have having problems during a drop communicate. 

⁃ You must stay active during a drop, if not you will be removed and likely warned. 

What is a flyer? 

 βƒ A flyer is a picture or multiple pictures your created into one. It will have either your onlyfans @ or link on it. If its a paid flyer it may also have your sub price. 

 What is a Paid flyer drop?

 βƒ When hosts opens drops you post your flyer

 βƒ Hold down on your pic, click edit. Then put in format that the host asks for. 

 βƒ Then the host will gather all formats and pictures. 

 βƒ Once that is done you post to your paid onlyfans account. You screenshot all the links with the formats and it the pic count displayed at the bottom ex: (1 of 6) 

 βƒ Post screenshots in the group

 β–ͺ︎Make sure your flyers are in order when posting your ss. The Host is always first.

What is a Collage Drop?

⁃ When the drop is opened by the host you must post a solo vertical watermarked picture of yourself.

⁃ Once you’ve posted the picture click edit and add your Link and/or Cap. Format as the Host instructs

⁃ The host will then Edit the pictures into a single collage and will post the collage and gathered caps into the group.

⁃ copy and paste everything onto your page. 

⁃ Collage drops are most often paid but can be free or done for Mass DM drops as well.

What is a Free on Free/Both on Free/Paid on Paid Drop?

 βƒ The host will open the drop by posting their Cap first. Everyone then follows behind them in posting.

 βƒ After dropping your link you then wait

 βƒ The host will close and typically say β€œBottoms up”

 βƒ What you do is start at the bottom link, copy and paste it to your onlyfans then screen shot

 βƒ Then you go to the next link (second from bottom) and repeat the same until you get to the very first link

 βƒ Then once you’ve posted each link and screenshotted the posts, you post those screenshots in the group

 What is a Paid Video Drop?

 βƒ Host will announce how long the video must be (commonly 8-15 seconds) 

 βƒ Use inshot and/or Snapchat to edit your video 

 βƒ You put your onlyfans link or @ on the video (that is watermarking it) 

 βƒ Post video once host opens drop

 βƒ Hold down on your video click edit then fix format to the way the host asks

 βƒ Once host announces β€œclosed” you wait and MUST stay active 

 βƒ The host will then gather all links(formats) and all videos to compile into one

 βƒ Once that is done you post the video and all formats (links) on your paid onlyfans page

 βƒ Screenshot all links and video (even if still processing) 

 βƒ Post screenshots in group 

~ PRO TIP: video drops take the longest however you gain the most from them. 

What is a Mass DM drop?

⁃ Mass Dm drops will consist of a small short cap + your link.

⁃ Once the host opens drop your cap and link

⁃ Host will then gather all links into one post

⁃ Copy and paste that post into a mass DM

⁃ You must Screenshot the Mass DM statistics and your fancount.


Some Extra Tips

 βƒ Haven’t done a drop before. Sit back and watch a few first. You’ll see in real time how it all plays out.

⁃ L4L means you and another model like a set number of each others posts. Most models don’t like it if you like the drops of other models. They’re going to get deleted and it does nothing to boost the percentage. And that’s the whole point of doing like-for-likes.

⁃ Remember to delete old drops. Or set a 24 hrs timer if you think you will forget. You could also set an alarm on your phone to help you remember. 

⁃ If you are having issues during a drop, communicate to the host. It will make things much easier. 

⁃ When you join a group you can use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for other groups. Try key words like “alt, bbw, group links, paid ect” to find more groups.

 βƒ If you can join a group link group so that you can keep expanding your drop groups. The more people you drop with the wider fan base you are reaching.

 βƒ Drops are often left up for a limited time frame so be sure to do SfS with other models as well. 

 βƒ Be polite in groups and drops. Do as the host asks and if you do not like how a host is formating or the type of drop they are doing pull out. Don’t interrupt drops by posting promo, sfs or other group links. Its considered rude and may get you a warn

 βƒ Groups typically have 3 warns = a ban so be sure to check a groups rules. Group welcome messages will usually have written in them how to access the rules for that group. 

 βƒ There are more then just Onlyfans groups. You just gotta search to find them. Reddit, manyvids ans twitter are some of the other main groups. But you’ll also find general chats, advice groups, black list groups for both models and client to steer clear of.