Bundles give your fans more 💥BANG for their BUCK 💸

Work smarter not harder when you bundle your content with higher price tags, and give your fans bundles at discounted prices! This is not any indication that you should lower your prices where it doesn’t fit your pricing structure! This is simply getting more content in one transaction with pricing that makes it a deal they can’t miss out on!

How do you price your bundles?

For me, I take the total cost of EACH video in the bundle and add them up. For example, if I have 4 foot fetish videos I am bundling and each are $15 the grand total would be $60 if sold separately. I will discount it to an even $50, offering a discount of $10.

How do you caption your bundle to sell?

  • Short, sweet and to the point!
  • Include details like how much the videos are if sold separately so they see the discounted savings.
  • Include keywords and captions that grab their attention.

EXAMPLE: 💥10 videos for $40!💥 Super savings as this packge is worth more that $100! It includes:
Squirting, girl girl, ass shaking, baby oil, hardcore XXX, Desiree Devine, fan Blowjob, old lost files (lower quality footage), JOI dick suck, Cosplay, Strip tease, Dancing, seduction,

How do you send a bundle of videos?

Open your messages, click on the + to start a new mass message. It will pull up this screen, and you will click on your fans, FOLLOWING (expired followers you follow) and start to upload your content. (SEE NEXT IMAGE)
You can upload content from your file source OR you can add content that is already in your vault!
You will see your content in the boxes. Click on the lock button (price lock your message)
Set the price of your bundle.
Add your caption message! SEND!

Try one out and see what kind of results you get! Good luck!